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Our menu is based on produce from our fully certified organic farms in the Cotswolds and Staffordshire, where we mindfully and sustainably raise grass pastured rare and native breeds, including our pedigree dairy herd and organic, free range chickens and eggs, grow seasonal fruit and vegetables and make our award-winning artisan breads, ham and cows milk cheeses.

Our daily-changing specials board features the very best from our organic Market Garden that day, grown in nutrient-rich soil on our organic Cotswolds farm, without chemicals and pesticides. Our produce is only picked when it’s perfectly ripe and goes straight to our chefs in the kitchen, so it’s incredibly fresh and full of flavour.

Eating well is sharing seasonal, local, organic food that nourishes our bodies. We believe that producing food organically, following the year’s natural rhythms, is not only best for the future of our planet, it is better for our wellbeing too.

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